Wow--August Came and Went!

It seems like summer flew by!! 

I was so honored to be able to share music throughout the month :)  My songwriting group is still awesome - shoutout to Southern Songwriters Association!  We encourage each other, support each other, and prod each other to keep writing songs and keep sharing them! 

I have been playing at the Farmer's Market regularly and love doing that!  

Also, I am excited about the duo my son Jamie and I formed-Good Company.  He plays amazing guitar and mandolin, and it is so much fun to perform with him!

I am actively seeking more places to play so if you have suggestions, drop me a line and some contact info :)  

Hopefully I will be releasing a new single soon and it will be a part of a new CD that is coming out called The Greatest Hits Volume II by the songwriters in my group:)   

Teaching guitar is going well and I believe I am going to start back up teaching piano as if you know someone interested in lessons I would appreciate a referral.

I am considering doing a weekly mini-concert video and would love some feedback from all of you about the kinds of songs you would want to hear....all originals, covers, specific song requests?  Tell me what you think :)  


Thanks again for all the support and encouragement!  Much love to you all!


--Pammy Martin

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