On the Radio!!

Welcome to cold weather time!  :)

I used to love cold weather but as I get older I do appreciate the warmth of the sun a bit more :) 

Exciting things happening!  This week I had my first airplay on…

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Mountains, Music and Mic (OpenMicAmerica)


Autumn has come!  My favorite time of the year :)

I have enjoyed playing the summer Farmers market and I am a little sad that it will be a while before I can be sharing songs again with my…

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Wow--August Came and Went!

It seems like summer flew by!! 

I was so honored to be able to share music throughout the month :)  My songwriting group is still awesome - shoutout to Southern Songwriters Association!  We encourage each other, support each other, and…

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The music has been sweet in the sultry summer time here :)   

In June I started the month off with a true blessing...being able to have a coaching session with an absolutely amazing guitarist, singer, songwriter, and man of many…

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A wonderful start!

Hello everyone!  


I haven't updated the blog in a while so I thought I would let you know what has been going on :) 

I have been playing the Farmer's Market here in my hometown...one of my FAVORITE places to…

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Less Stress in 2022!

No Hurry ( link to listen)

Is it possible?  Less stress with the world around us struggling with a myriad of problems?  With the control we thought we had slipping out of hands that never truly held it anyway?  With…

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Catching Up!

Wow!  It has been a while since I updated my blog :)   I have been busy writing songs, playing out, and generally having a wonderful time with music :)   

I played for the Rutherford County Farmer's Market each Saturday in…

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Old Memories

Just doing a little cleanup on my old YouTube channel and found some clips of me working on cover songs, singing with my eldest son’s bluegrass band ten years ago and a few other things so thought I would share…

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Sweet Meadow Cafe and Davidson Farmer's Market

The past three weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind of musical activity! :)   After returning from "Sun-annoa" I played with CJ Peters at Sweet Meadow Cafe in Salisbury, NC.  What a wonderful restaurant!  And the food was outstanding!  CJ hosts…

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