My first year of being able to participate in the Swannanoa Gathering will be bittersweet.  It will not be held in person this year but will be done virtually.  However, a group of songwriter friends and I took a sweet trip to the beach last week, and "Sunn-Annoa" was born!   :)

Sunshine, music, food, music, walks on the beach, music, waves, music, gulls, music, music, music.  I learned so much just from soaking up the songs and the guitar playing, and asking questions, and listening.  I tried lots of new things...

1). jumping in the waves :). That was fun!

2). Humus on veggies...delicious

3.)  Edamame succotash...also delicious!

4.)  Cornhole on the beach (I've played before but never on the beach)

The best part was the amazing talented songwriters and singers that I had the opportunity to hear...

I am so thankful to the benefactor who made it possible for me to go, and I thank God for all the blessings I returned home with.  It was a joyful time! 


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