The music has been sweet in the sultry summer time here :)   

In June I started the month off with a true blessing...being able to have a coaching session with an absolutely amazing guitarist, singer, songwriter, and man of many other talents...Vance Gilbert!  If you haven't heard his music, I would suggest checking him out!  So cool to have him take a look at my song and make it better! :) 

I performed at my favorite spot  - The Farmer's Market of Forest City- in June and July.  I just love the people there :) 

Also I had a great time performing for Open Mic America with 9 other spotlighted singer/songwriters!  I was pretty nervous but enjoyed meeting other songwriters from around this great country of ours!  In fact, they invited me back and I will be joining them again on October 16.  If you want to check out the recording from this past time, here is a link:

Open Mic America 7/3/22 - YouTube  (I make an appearance beginning around the 24:00 mark or shortly thereafter :) )

It was also a beautiful month for a wedding for a friend of mine :)  I enjoyed playing piano for her special day :) 

That is what has been happening lately! 

If you know of a place needing music, I would appreciate hearing about it :)

Have a blessed week!! 


--Thanks for the support!!


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