Sweet Meadow Cafe and Davidson Farmer's Market

The past three weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind of musical activity! :)   After returning from "Sun-annoa" I played with CJ Peters at Sweet Meadow Cafe in Salisbury, NC.  What a wonderful restaurant!  And the food was outstanding!  CJ hosts the live music usually inviting another musician/poet/storyteller to join him on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:00pm - 9:00pm.   He was kind enough to invite me for this night:)  The music is all originals so if  you enjoy local songwriting go out to support the music! :) The Cafe has a wonderful outdoor deck with tables, colorful artwork on the fencing, and this is where the music happens.  So if you are in the Salisbury area on a Wednesday or Thursday evening, I highly recommend the Sweet Meadow Cafe.  

The following Saturday I played the Davidson Farmer's Market.  I had not been to Davidson before and it is a beautiful town, so lovely!  The people are lovely as well :)   This was actually my first solo guitar gig :)   I was a lounge/restaurant pianist in the distant past but never sang and didn't write songs.  So for me ...it was a milestone to be able to take my sound system, set up, and do two and a half hours of mostly originals with a few covers thrown in.  A beautiful little covered stage to perform, coffee smells in the air, popcorn, children dancing, very family friendly, great vendors and I left with two bags of quality veggies myself :)   

They invited me back and I am so looking forward to returning again for music on September 11, 2021 from 9:30 ish till noon at the Davidson Farmer's Market in Davidson, NC.  


I am also working on a couple of new singles that I hope to be releasing in the next few months.   I do want to share about the virtual Swannanoa Gathering that I just finished up this week....but that is for another post.


Thanks for letting me share with you!!  And if you know of any venues that need an acoustic singer/songwriter , please share my page with them:)  Music helps everything!!


Blessings !


Pammy Martin

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