On the Radio!!

Welcome to cold weather time!  :)

I used to love cold weather but as I get older I do appreciate the warmth of the sun a bit more :) 

Exciting things happening!  This week I had my first airplay on a local radio station..WAGY FM! 

The DJ, Pat, is a friend who drops by the Farmer's Market quite often when I play.  He heard me singing my song "The Crochet Blues" one time and liked it.  

Well, we just had a grand opening in our city of a new Hobby Lobby store and my song mentions Hobby Lobby (and my yarn addiction!).  So Pat asked if he could play it on the radio! 

This was a first for me and I was so excited, jumping up and down!  It was a very cool experience to hear my name and the name of a song I wrote being introduced on the radio and then to hear it being played!  I had friends texting and calling saying , "I heard you on the radio!"


Something that I have had on my bucket list but never expected to happen :)   

It is just a funny little song but I hope it brought a smile to faces and laughter :) 

I will include a link to the recording under the Music section of my website if you want to hear it.  It was also my first attempt at recording with digital equipment.  I have a long way to go and a lot to learn but that is the exciting part...there is always something to learn!   So just know it isn't "professionally" recorded...just me at home, figuring things out :) 


Mentioning recording, if anyone wants to support me going into the studio to "do it right" you can leave a donation in my TIP JAR which is on the main page :)  No pressure...but if you do. then when I release the CD, your name will be on it as a sponsor as a token of appreciation:)

I have enough songs written for three full CDs now!

My son is getting into creating music as well...a totally different style of music but really creative~!  I may share some of his music here as well if he is willing:)   


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving season!!! 


With music and joy and gratitude,



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