The Things I Didn't Know...

There are still many things I don't know of course...but I didn't know that the end of a screwdriver is designed so you can put it in a wrench and have more leverage to get a tight screw out of a piece of wood.  I didn't know that for the past few years I could have been using my keyboard as a midi instrument fairly easily with just the addition of a cable and a few YouTube video tutorials.  I didn't know that there are headphones that are really much, much, MUCH better than that pair I was using that I thought was good:). I didn't know that headphone jacks are sometimes made with the larger plug screwed on top of the smaller plug (and isn't that cool!).  Seeing all the things I didn't know makes me excited about the future to learn more things I don't know :) 

So today I am thankful to God for all I don't know. :) 

Isaiah 12:5.  

Sing to the LORD, for He has done excellent things; This is known in all the earth.

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