Rocks Cry Out and Scruggs Family Association Magazine

Hello my friends!


Things have been fairly quiet musically for the past month or two.  I have dealt with some health issues but, praise the Lord, I am doing better now and tests all came back with good news !

I played at the Farmer's Market and at Main Street Market on the same day a few weeks ago!  Loved that!  A two-gig day…it was so good to be back at both places!

I am excited about working on my first CD…Rocks Cry Out!  (Check out the album cover above!)  Who knows how long it will take me to finish it LOL… but I have two songs ready…and 9 left to record :)  I am doing this in an odd way but at least it will get done.  Some of these may be recorded very simply just through my DAW at home.  Some may be recorded in a studio.  And some I will have the help of some talented musicians I discovered on Fivver.  If you want to be a part of helping financially with this project , just check out the tip jar link, or shoot me a message :)  

Upcoming Gig:

I will be at the Rutherford County Farmer's Market this Saturday, May 6 from 9 am until noon :)  And every third Saturday each month after that!  I love it when friends show up so come on out and shop the local farmers and artisans booths :) 


Today I received in the mail copies of the magazine that the Scruggs Family Association puts out.  This is an organization for family who are related to Earl Scruggs and the generations that he came from too.  The editor interviewed me for an article since I am actually related to Earl Scruggs (if you want to know how…shoot me an email).  So the article came out today and this was the first time I had been interviewed for a magazine about my music so that is pretty exciting!  An eight page article and they even made QR codes to link to my tunes and made a YouTube slideshow as well :)  It was really fun participating in the Musical Scruggs Initiative! 

Thanks for all of the encouraging words, and coming out to listen and commenting on my YouTube videos…just all the help you guys give to me!

I have been writing some new songs and am in the middle of three…that can get confusing sometimes LOL!  But exciting at the same time!

Have a blessed day today!

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