Don Gibson singer symposium songwriting contest

Today I had the wonderful experience of participating in the Don Gibson songwriting contest in Shelby, North Carolina. It was a wonderful event!

There was a great concert by the duo Wilson Fairchild last night as part of the event.  Really enjoyed hearing their songs and tales.

I ended up being the first one to perform which was a little bit nerve-racking LOL! My friend Tracy Simpson did beautiful harmony on the song with me. I performed an original “it’s a good night”. We had many members of the SSA there which was great to get to see everyone again. So much good music , so many good songwriters.

I didn’t make it into the finalists but I was not really expecting to. Maybe next year :-) but many of my friends made it and I am so excited for them! At this time I’m still waiting to hear who won LOL! It has been a wonderful day of music!

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